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Needle Speed Guide

*See our Recommended Speed Chart at the Bottom of the Page*

Needle Speed Guide

Each of our Personal Microneedling pens come with a variety of speed settings. Most have between 1-6 speed settings.

The key is the understand how changing speeds changes outcomes and your results when using the pen.

Firstly, consider that several factors impact your results when using Dr. Pen products. The pen is the first major choice, second is the cartridge size you use, the third consideration is speed and will have an impact on the ease of use and control how many microchannels you create on your body and the ease of use (how easily it glides on your skin).

On your Dr. Pen device you can adjust the speed with the dial and the depth of penetration.

Here, we’re discussing the speed of the needles – but make sure to also take a look at our Needle Depth Guide before you get started microneedling.

SIMPLE RULE:  The faster you set the speed on your pen, the deeper the needles will penetrate into your skin.

This means that the needles themselves moving higher speeds sometimes 1200 RPM means it will puncture deeper more often for far significant effect. For this reason it is better to start at around 2-3 speed settings for most pens. Going with slower speeds will limit the depth the needle hits but gives you far more control of the areas you are working on and there is a lesser threat of bleeding and a faster healing time.

If you’re using the pen on your face or other sensitive areas, we recommend using a lower speed – this gives you a more precise control of the pen and its movements.

We also recommend starting off on a lower speed if you’re new to microneedling, as this will allow you to get a sense of how the pen moves and get used to using the device. As you build up your control and confidence, you may then like to adjust the speed of the device accordingly.

If you’re microneedling on the body, you may wish to adjust the speed of the pen to be higher, for instance, when microneedling on stretch marks, deep scars or deep wrinkles. The speed will increase the number and depth of microabrasions resulting in better results, but will be harsher on your skin, so play with this dynamic and you will find the right balance for you and your skin 🙂

Recommended Speed Chart

Skin Area Recommended Speed
Face (General)1-4
Body (General)4-6
Between Eyebrows1-3
Around Eyes1-3
Around Lips1-2