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Dr. Pen A1 Replacement Cartridges


Elevate your skincare journey with the Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit, featuring a range of compatible microneedling cartridges for a tailored experience. The kit includes:

  • Compatible Cartridges: 9 pin, 12 pin, 24 pin, 36 pin, 42 pin, and Nano pin.
  • Pack Size Options: Choose between a 10 pack or 20 pack of needles.


Microneedling with the Dr. Pen A1 offers numerous benefits, such as stimulating collagen production, rejuvenating skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin texture and tone, minimizing pores, diminishing acne scars and stretch marks, and enhancing product absorption.The Dr. Pen A1 is adjustable, portable, and designed for both wired and wireless use. With 12,000 RPM, it delivers intensive microneedling treatments for maximum collagen production and skin rejuvenation. Choose the Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit for timeless elegance and reliable performance in your skincare routine.

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Dr.Pen Main Features

Easy to Use

Designed for Ease of Use. Dr. Pen is one of the most best and reliable microneedling pen brands available. Crafted for both beginners at home and professionals in clinics around the world, our devices ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Say goodbye to complicated routines and hello to straightforward, effective skincare. With Dr. Pen, achieving radiant skin has never been easier.

Worldwide Trusted Brand

Dr. Pen is a name that is only growing in popularity across the globe. As the medical and cosmetic community continue to explore the wide use and applications of Dr. Pen continue to prove itself a leader in the skincare industry. We are committed to delivering excellence and innovation to every corner of the world. Our products are trusted by millions, from beauty enthusiasts to professional dermatologists, making us a true worldwide brand.

#1 Authentic Seller

At Dr. Pen America, we are a proud authentic reseller of Dr. Pen microneedling devices in the United States, aligned with the highest standards in our industry. Our products are certified genuine, ensuring they meet the utmost quality and safety standards. While we always support your choice in where to purchase your skincare tools, we caution against the risks of counterfeit products found across the USA, which can compromise your skin’s health. Choosing Dr. Pen America means protecting your skin and benefiting from our full support and warranties. If you're ever in doubt about product authenticity, our dedicated team is here to help, guaranteeing a positive and effective microneedling experience. Opt for Dr. Pen America for trusted, effective skincare solutions.

Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit: Microneedling Cartridges

Elevate your skincare journey with the perfect microneedling cartridges for the Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit. Experience the transformative power of microneedling, tailored to your unique needs with our range of compatible cartridges.

Compatible Cartridges:

  • 9 pin
  • 12 pin
  • 24 pin
  • 36 pin
  • 42 pin
  • Nano pin

How to Purchase:

  1. Select the Cartridge Size from the list of available cartridges for the pen.
  2. Choose the Pack Size: Opt for a 10 pack or 20 pack, indicating the number of needles included.
  3. Mixed Pack: If available, a breakdown of the needles included in the mixed pack will be provided in the description.

Cartridge Applications:

For a comprehensive understanding of each cartridge’s best applications, please refer to our Dr. Pen Needle Guide. The guide covers the most common needle cartridge sizes and their intended uses, ensuring you choose the right cartridge for your specific needs.

Microneedling: Unlock the Benefits

Microneedling is a revolutionary skincare technique that stimulates collagen production, rejuvenates your skin, and significantly improves its quality. By using the Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin texture and tone
  • Minimized pores
  • Diminished acne scars and stretch marks
  • Enhanced product absorption


  • Consult a professional before using the Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit.
  • Follow the recommended guidelines for needle depth and frequency of use.
  • Ensure proper hygiene and sterilization of cartridges before and after use.
  • Results may vary depending on individual skin types and conditions.
  • Dr. Pen is not responsible for any adverse reactions or complications arising from the use of the product.

Embrace Timeless Elegance and Reliable Performance

The Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit is more than just a skincare device; it’s a passport to the world of radiant, youthful skin. With our range of compatible microneedling cartridges, you can customize your skincare experience and unlock the full potential of this timeless tool. Choose the Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit and indulge in the beauty of reliable performance and elegant design.Designed with adjustable needle length between 0-2.5mm, the A1 allows for a bespoke skincare experience for your unique needs. Its portability ensures you have access to professional standard care wherever your journey takes you. The pen can be used both wired and wirelessly. This efficient and cost-effective tool redefines the concept of facials, liberating you from the constraints of salon visits.Renowned for its impressive 12,000 RPM, the Dr. Pen A1 is designed to deliver an intensive microneedling treatment that maximizes collagen production, rejuvenates your skin, and significantly improves its quality. This powerful performance, coupled with its steadfast durability, is why the A1 continues to be a preferred choice among professionals and home users alike.The Dr. Pen A1 is thoughtfully designed to be both adjustable and portable. It sports a lightweight, cordless design that allows for hassle-free facial treatments anywhere, anytime. The adjustable dial coupled with 5-speed levels ensures that the treatment can be personalized to each client’s needs, providing a more comfortable and effective experience.Stepping away from the tradition of expensive and time-consuming salon facials, the Dr. Pen A1 brings professional-level skincare treatment right to your home. It’s a cost-effective solution that saves precious time without compromising on the quality of treatment.The Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit comes with:

  • 1 Ultima A1 Pen
  • 1 US wall charger (2m)
  • 1 USB charger cable
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Travel case
  • 2 x12 pin cartridges

In a world where newer models are often equated with better performance, the Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit stands as a remarkable exception. It’s a product that has earned its reputation through consistent and reliable performance. The A1 may not be as flashy as some of the newer models like the Dr. Pen M8 or the Dr. Pen A6S, but its enduring appeal lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s a product that promises and delivers quality, time after time. The Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit is not just a microneedling pen; it’s a testament to the timeless quality and reliability that Dr. Pen represents. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a legacy. And it’s this legacy that continues to make the A1 a favorite among professionals and home users around the world. Choose the Dr. Pen A1 Professional Legacy Kit, and embrace the beauty of timeless elegance and reliable performance.

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